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Casco Systems is well versed in the application of industrial control technology to solve a wide range of process control and automation problems.  Examples of typical projects are listed below.

Process Control Automation

Provided automation and Human Machine Interface (HMI) programming support for a new manufacturing plant.  This plant manufacturers aerogel insulating blankets for use in high tech and industrial applications. 

The control system included a central control room SCADA system employing a CIMPLICITY HMI Server with an additional Viewer station, five Series 90-30 PLC's, and interfaces to a wide range of plant equipment.  The system controlled over 100 directional control valves, 30 automatic proportioning valves, 25 pressure vessels, and accompanying support equipment including variable speed drives, 300 pressure, level, and temperature instruments, .boilers, and cooling systems.

Dock Pump Remote Control System
Developed a wireless remote control system to control ship to shore pumping operations at multiple locations.  Project included custom design of a novel “Emergency Stop” wireless system in addition to typical Start/Stop functions.  Project resulted in cost savings in excess of $100,000 by reducing piping, wiring, and installation expenses.

Fuel Additive Control System
Designed a fuel additive control system which allows tank farm operators to select an injection rate and total quantity.  System automatically controls additive injection as fuel is pumped from oil tankers to a storage facility.

Tank Farm Loading Bay Expansion
Responsible for design, programming, and testing of modifications to a GE Fanuc Series 90-70 PLC based control system required to expand functionality and scale of an automated truck loading bay.

Energy Monitoring System
Created novel energy monitoring system to track and report energy savings from a variety of energy conservation projects.  System collected energy usage data, calculated performance data, formatted reports, and reported energy savings data to a central database system.

Ground Wood Mill DCS Interface
Implemented unique computer interface to an existing DCS control system.  Utilized Microsoft Windows based Wonderware InTouch HMI software and third party communication drivers to create easy to use operator “window” into the process.  Provided all configuration and programming, designed graphics, and commissioned system in conjunction with plant personnel.

Automated Machine Control Systems (Various clients)
Implemented multiple automated machine control systems for automatic assembly, part handling/packaging, and testing of various products/components.  Provided complete project management, design, programming, and commissioning of systems using a variety of control platforms including GE Fanuc, Allen-Bradley, Modicon, and Mitsubishi. Worked in a number of industries including biologic, plastics, automotive, and discrete component assembly & manufacturing.

Wheel Press Data Acquisition System
The scope of this project includes replacing and enhancing an existing force vs. displacement data acquisition system provided by DeVlieg Bullard Services Group for a Hoesch Wheel Press.  This system is currently in service at a Train Repair Facility but does not offer the flexibility desired for current operational requirements.  The new DAQ system will provide capabilities similar to those offered by the existing system including monitoring of press force and displacement instruments, data recording/logging, and reporting.  In addition the new DAQ will provide these enhanced features:

  • Report printing to either local or network based printers via the standard Windows printer interface. 

  • Expanded data storage, search, and retrieval functionality

  • Data may be viewed remotely using the data View screen

  • Based on the Windows XP operating system using off the shelf PC hardware

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