Al Mussaib S/S Integration

Al Mussaib Power Plant - Substation Automation

Developed CIMPLICITY HMI SCADA system for a 400 kV substation constructed at the largest generating station in Iraq.

The Substation Integration System provides local monitoring and breaker control functions for five breaker and a half bays, including GSU Transformers T1-T5; Breakers 52-1 thru 52-15; Transmission Lines L1-L4 and Bus 1 & 2.

The system is comprised of GE IP PLCs, CIMPLICITY HMI Plant Edition Graphical User Interface HMI/SCADA, and Schweitzer SEL-2030 Data Concentrators. The HMI software acts as a ModBus Serial RTU Master and retrieves station status information from intelligent electronic devices via three SEL-2030 data concentrators.

The SEL-2030 polls the stations protective relays and meters for target, analog, status, and metering data. This data is then read from the 2030s by the HMI system and displayed in numerical and graphical formats.

This system was developed and factory tested in under 2 months to meet an aggressive shipping schedule. Following a rapid software development process the system was shop tested concurrently with final control room wiring. The entire control room was then transported to site for final installation.

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