Substation Integration & Automation Experience

Casco Systems has developed many integration systems for utility grade distribution & transmission substations from 12 to 345 kV.

Our staff has in depth experience with applications across a broad spectrum from basic RTU replacements to fully integrated IEC-61850 platforms, as well as products from many leading vendors including:

• Protective relays including SEL, GE, ZIV and ABB

• Data Concentrators including SEL-RTAC, SEL-2030, SubnetSolutions SSNET, Cybectec SMP, and NovaTech Orion

• HMI & SCADA Software including CIMPLICITY, iFix, Wonderware

• Communication protocols including IEC-61850, DNP3, Modbus RTU & TCP, and SEL Fast Meter)

From 2010 to 2014 Casco Systems completed six IEC-61850 integrated substations, including five 345 and 115 kV bulk power transmission substations.

These challenging projects were successfully implemented using multiple products from leading vendors including SEL, GE Multilin, GE-IP, RuggedCom, Beckwith, Qualitrol, Doble and many others.

Delivering Certainty

Since 2001

Protection . Control . Automation . Integration . Security

Casco focuses on three core areas of the power generation and transmission industry. These include Automation & Integration, Protection & Control, and Communications & Cyber Security.


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