Substation Integration & Automation Experience

Casco Systems has developed many integration systems for utility grade distribution & transmission substations from 12 kV to 345 kV. 

Our engineering team specializes in the design, programming, and commissioning of protection and automated control systems. We offer domain experience in the areas of substation automation & integration, protection & control and smart grid technology. From communication data concentrators, protective relays, PLC & HMI, to complete SCADA solutions, we have the experience to assist you from project conception to completion.

In addition to our technical skills we also have the project management and communication skills necessary to guide a project to success and meet our client's business goals.    

Our experience includes the integration of multiple IEC-61850 based bulk power substations, SCADA system integration, and design & review of multiple protective relaying systems for utility clients. 

We offer in depth knowledge of applications and products from many leading vendors including: 

• Protective relays including SEL, GE, ZIV and ABB

• Data Concentrators including SEL-RTAC, SEL-2030, SubnetSolutions SSNET, Cybectec SMP, and NovaTech Orion 

• HMI & SCADA Software including CIMPLICITY, iFix, Wonderware 

• Communication protocols including IEC-61850, DNP3, Modbus RTU & TCP, and SEL Fast Meter)

From 2010 to 2014 Casco Systems completed six IEC-61850 integrated substations, including five 345 kV and 115 kV bulk power transmission substations.

These challenging projects were successfully implemented using multiple products from leading vendors including SEL, GE Multilin, GE-IP, RuggedCom, Beckwith, Qualitrol, Doble and many others.