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Casco Systems Donates Engineering Services 
to Create The X-VENT Ventilator 

Cumberland, Maine - June 2020 - Casco Systems, a Maine based electrical engineering firm specializing in automation, integration and electrical systems, is announcing its collaboration with Enexor Health Systems , formerly Breathe Strong, LLC, to develop the X-VENT – an emergency, positive pressure ventilator designed to treat patients with respiratory insufficiency or failure. 

Amidst the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, Enexor BioEnergy Director of Engineering, Scott Auerbach contacted Casco Systems about supporting the electrical, instrumentation, and automation controls design of a fast-tracked project. A long-time client and supporter of Casco Systems, Mr. Auerbach knew Casco had the breadth of knowledge and reputation for solving complex challenges on tight budgets and timelines. 

Casco Systems embraced the opportunity to support this effort. Ultimately, Kevin Mahoney, President & Founder decided to donate Casco Systems’ services at no cost to this worthwhile endeavor. Casco Systems began work immediately to develop the electrical controls hardware design, system functional specification and a complete programmed automation package.  

“I wasn’t alone in realizing that this project was important on every level. The whole Casco Team felt a sense of pride in what was being asked of us. In a time where many felt helpless, we were approached with an incredible opportunity not only to make a positive contribution during the pandemic but to create something that could save lives. Providing our services pro bono benefited this project as well as the hospitals and patients who would depend on X-VENT’s lifesaving technology. I hope the savings will contribute to the affordability of the ventilators and the number of units that Enexor is able to donate,” said Kevin Mahoney, President of Casco Systems. 

Above, the lifesaving X-Vent emergency positive pressure ventilator.

Todd Ward, Vice President of Engineering at Casco Systems managed the project engineering taskforce. Engineers, Chris Parent and Chris Hurd worked around the clock to create a fully functional beta system that was in testing and fully operational in less than three weeks. Further development and refinements came over the next three weeks with final submittal to the FDA, occurring 6 weeks after inception.  

“In order to fast track X-VENT’s complex product development life cycle, that under normal circumstances takes years, the Casco team needed to draw from our experience and diverse background to implement best practices from other industries. The success of this project depended on a nation-wide collaboration of experts in medicine, engineering, design, and producers of essential components. Casco was able to leverage our industry network to quickly enlist the help of numerous suppliers who provided assistance in identifying key components that could not only meet the technical requirements but could also ramp up production to supply the required volume in order to meet the short and long term production goals,” said Chris Hurd, Senior Project Manager at Casco Systems.  

Above, The X-Vent’s innovative design reduced limitations and complications of the Bag Valve Mask technology being implemented by other similar products. 

In its entirety, the X-VENT ventilator provides mechanical ventilatory support to patients suffering from respiratory insufficiency or respiratory failure. The ventilator utilizes state-of the-art industrial control algorithms and equipment to control a piston with variable stroke length, acceleration, and speed to mimic the functionality of the human lungs. Medical professionals set critical parameters from a touch screen display which communicates with the machine’s control system that is responsible for sending commands to the piston.  

Unlike many emergency ventilators currently in development, the X-VENT uses a precision ground piston to supply breathing air to patients. This system operates with fewer limitations and complications than the Bag Valve Mask technology being implemented by other similar products.  

Enexor BioEnergy publicly announced that the X-VENT would be manufactured domestically at Enexor’s facilities in Tennessee and Alabama. Production may also expand abroad to meet international demand. The X-VENT was designed and will be distributed to address medical equipment shortages. As soon as necessary approval is granted, Enexor plans to donate and sell the X-VENT to Ghana, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and in countries where hospitals are remote and isolated. X-VENT received FDA Emergency Use Authorization this month and will seek full FDA approval by the end of the year. 

About Casco Systems

Casco Systems is an established engineering and control system integration firm focused on providing innovative, cost-effective, and reliable automation solutions.  The Casco technical team specializes in applying technology to automate, protect and control utility, industrial and process control systems.  Their subject matter experts work with clients to understand and help solve their most challenging automation problems.

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About Enexor Health Systems

Enexor Health Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enexor Energy, LLC, manufactures life-saving medical equipment for hospitals throughout the world.  Enexor manufactures the X-VENT critical care ventilator which combines the precision and independence of a piston-driven ventilation system to deliver a comprehensive set of ventilation modes and settings to meet patients’ needs. The self-calibrating piston technology minimizes maintenance required making it the ideal ventilation storage device for current and future pandemics. The X-VENT has received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approval. Enexor manufactures its systems at its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, a Nashville suburb.  Enexor Health Systems LLC

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